Nature and good vibes, this is the world of Goovi! A wellness brand that brings positivity to your day, encouraging you to love yourself and take care of yourself.

Goovi is good, easy, natural.
Goovi is good, easy, natural.

Goovi is good, easy, natural.

At Goovi, well-being is the result of a holistic approach that works both from the inside, with food supplements, and on the outside, with skincare, bodycare and make-up products. Good: effective products with a clean & vegan philosophy for internal and external well-being. Easy: natural formulas, suitable for everyone, and easy to use. Natural: natural ingredients at the heart of the products, selected for their quality, efficacy and sustainability.

Valentina Banfi



The philosophy of good vibes as a lifestyle

Goovi is not just a brand, it's truly a way of life! We strive to spread the values of positivity, authenticity and self-love to Goovi lovers each and every day. How do we do this? Through our co-founder Michelle Hunziker, our vast social content and our natural products, which offer an in & out wellness experience. Our strength lies in our social first approach, which has allowed us to quickly build a community that shares our values and is our first source of daily inspiration, even in terms of product development.


The first POP UP Store

Goovi opens its first pop up store in Milan Central Station. A special inauguration, in a symbolic place in Milan, where Italian and international customers will be able to travel immersing themselves in the positive vibrations that Goovi promotes. Inside the pop up, it will be possible to take advantage of consultations from a beauty expert on skincare, bodycare and make-up to offer an even more personalized and unique shopping experience. The store will remain open to the public until May 28th.