Thanks to its know-how in the glass cleaning sector, Cristasol offers fast and effective solutions for all types of surfaces and dishes.

100% trace-free!
100% trace-free!

100% trace-free!

An innovative and enduring brand, founded in the first half of the last century (1949). Its effective anti-stain formulas with their signature scent make Cristasol the leader in Spain's homecare market. A complete range of products for the entire home: from the bathroom to the kitchen and now even a specific line dedicated to car cleaning. All with the guarantee of brilliance, always.

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Cristasol, a new innovation for a lower environmental impact!

The efficacy of the products, the guarantee of clear surfaces and its brightening power, combined with its unique and incomparable fragrance, make Cristasol a leading brand in the Spanish homecare window cleaning market. A wide range of products offering solutions to all types of home care needs, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Cristasol is now even more sustainable thanks to the eco-refill for the glass cleaner, made of 100% recycled plastic. This innovation allows for a 91% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 79% reduction in plastic use. Same formula, same effectiveness but with a lower environmental impact!