What are we like at Sodalis?

The "Sodalis Attitude" is a winning mix of passion, ambition, solidity and creativity, which is combined with great dynamism.


For us, our sector is the most beautiful in existence and our brands give us unlimited possibilities to express and fulfil ourselves. #SodalisPeople are passionate about the group's products and have a natural desire to channel this passion to contribute to their development.


They always look ahead and believe that there are no limits when it comes to learning, doing better, growing qualitatively and quantitatively in order to achieve increasingly important goals.


The "Sodalis Way" is a pragmatic approach which aims to simplify even the most complex activity, transforming the most challenging objectives into concrete results with agility.


#SodalisPeople love to create, starting with an idea and owning all the steps to make it a reality. We love beauty, well-being, the attention to detail that makes the difference and we strongly believe in the power of creativity to find innovative and distinctive solutions in the market.

We never stop

The atmosphere here is highly dynamic and constantly evolving. We are always active and ready to immerse ourselves in new projects and explore new opportunities for development.

Why work at Sodalis?

Because at Sodalis, we value developing know-how within the group and internalising strategic skills that many other companies tend to outsource. At Sodalis, you have the chance to develop authentic skills and have a 360° view of business processes.

Because we are a family business with a long-term outlook on development, a human and people-oriented environment, where at the same time you can contribute to ambitious and challenging results, participate in major international projects and manage important resources.

Because we are a group with a dynamic organisational structure and an agile decision-making process, where every person can really make a difference and grow together with the company. 

Because we look ahead, we reward courage and proactivity, we love to innovate, embrace new ideas and be at the forefront of interpreting our industry's trends. Working at Sodalis means being part of a solid and concrete organisation which is constantly evolving towards new horizons.

Welcome to Sodalis

Whether you are a recent graduate at the beginning of your career or an established professional looking for the next step in your own growth, we invite you to contact us to find out more about the job opportunities at Sodalis. Become a Wellness Creator!