Exotic scents and precious textures tell of worlds rich in charm, with thousands of years of history. Fragrances that are like echoes of distant lands, for the well-being of both the body and soul.

Well-being for the body and mind
Well-being for the body and mind

Well-being for the body and mind

Tesori d’Oriente was born from a vision: to offer everyone the chance to turn small daily acts into rituals of pure pleasure. Inspired by the spiritual wisdom and the ancient traditions of eastern culture, we have created an exclusive collection of body and home care products, recognised for its products' 100% Italian quality and unique fragrances that leave an unmistakable, sensual and enveloping scent. Here is Tesori d’Oriente. Here's your next trip.

Barbara Secco


Tesori d'Oriente

Pure harmony for the senses and the skin

Tesori's philosophy is based on well-being as a holistic concept, deriving from a physical and mental balance: body care thus becomes a chance to treat yourself to a moment alone and rediscover your inner harmony. Each ritual is inspired by a particular eastern tradition, which we seek to express in every detail of the product: from the choice of the most evocative fragrance to the search for the finest ingredients, from the choice of sensory textures to the precious details decorating the packaging, offering our consumers a unique sensory experience each and every day.



We're so proud to share another great achivement for our #Creations !
Our Tesori d'Oriente Softener won the BEST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2024 within its category in Greek market! One more amazing result in our Export Business Development strategy. Well done!