For more than 40 years, Lycia has been focused on women's well-being, with effective products and innovative formulas for personal care.

The friend of your well-being
The friend of your well-being

The friend of your well-being

Lycia was created to offer wellness solutions for all women. Products with effective, delicate and dermatologically tested formulas to respect the skin's balance as much as possible. Enriched with fresh fragrances and silky textures, Lycia products guarantee protection and hygiene at all times of day.

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Learning to love ourselves, more and more every day

For Lycia, well-being is the state of equilibrium in which a woman finds her way of living in harmony with her body and the environment. This is why Lycia offers solutions to make women feel secure and at ease at all times of day, thanks to effective and delicate formulations that respect all skin types. Thanks to research and the use of recycled materials, Lycia products are increasingly more sustainable and respectful of our planet.


Lycia is back to be by the side of all women

Lycia, the friend of well-being, renews its brand image with a new integrated TV and Digital campaign. Through a sweet and passionate story, Lycia places three female figures at the centre of its message, caught in a moment of their everyday life. They are three women who are not afraid to raise their hand, to take their own space, to pursue their dreams. Three women who feel self-assured thanks to the support of Lycia, the trusted friend, capable of making all women feel protected thanks to its 48-hour effective deodorants, now even more sustainable because they come in a new 100% recycled pack. An ode to female empowerment and friendship, with which Lycia reveals its even more empathetic brand image, as an ally of people and the environment. Watch the video