Biopoint is an ode to feminine beauty. A message aimed at all those women looking for hair and body care treatments that offer tangible, high-performance results, capable of enhancing their natural beauty and accentuating their strengths.

Beauty Declaration
Beauty Declaration

Beauty Declaration

Since 1954, Biopoint has been taking care of women's beauty by investing in three fundamental values: quality, innovation and safe results. Specific high cosmetic-action programmes characterised by quality, innovation and professionalism adapted to the needs of the most attentive consumers. Excellent treatments with refined ingredients and precious textures, to guarantee not only a high level of performance but also sensory pleasure.

Arianna Riva



It's not a dream. It's Biopoint.

There are three secrets at the heart of the Biopoint philosophy: Performance - our treatments are offered in multi-step and customisable regimes for scalp, hair and skin care, with visible, immediate and proven results. Sensoriality - this is the core of the hair and body beauty routine. Enveloping, silky textures that act as the perfect introduction to a cocooning ritual that evokes immediate comfort. Innovation - the combination of technology and cosmetics is increasingly strong, and involves not only the development of formulations but also new high-tech equipment to guide the consumer in choosing the most suitable treatments.


Top Performer Award

A new incredible success! Biopoint won the TOP PERFORMER Award during the Milano Marketing Festival promoted by Class Editori.

The recognition is awarded to companies which, selected on the basis of objective criteria developed by Nielsen IQ, have stood out in the last year for their turnover and growth performance. An award as coveted as it is deserved in a year that saw Biopoint protagonist with the launch of the exclusive Hair Lamination line!