Fresh & Clean has been taking care of personal hygiene at home and away from home for more than 40 years.

When hygiene calls, Fresh & Clean answers!
When hygiene calls, Fresh & Clean answers!

When hygiene calls, Fresh & Clean answers!

Fresh & Clean offers a complete line of baby wipes, multi-purpose wipes, disinfectant wipes, make-up remover wipes, intimate wipes and moistened toilet paper, for quick cleaning and for all situations where water is not readily available. In addition to wipes, Fresh & Clean offers classic soaps, fruity gel soaps, eco-refills and intimate soaps to satisfy the needs of the entire family.

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Fresh & Clean

When there's no water, there's Fresh & Clean!

Since 1981, with the launch of the first Milleusi wipes, Fresh & Clean has offered consumers a complete range of wipes for all kinds of body hygiene needs, especially for use outside the home. The Milleusi and Disinfectant Wipes, the latter being used as a medical surgical device, guarantee hygiene and freshness whenever water is unavailable (when travelling, on holiday, at the gym). For the most delicate skin, that of babies and infants, Fresh&Clean wipes provide extra sensitivity, thanks to the lotion they are soaked in, which is made up of 98% ultra-pure water. Furthermore, their formula is free of alcohol, soap, PEG and silicones. For the removal of face and eye make-up, we have designed a formulation with 0% alcohol and mineral oils. The soft and delicate fabric contains zero plastic, is 100% of natural origin and is biodegradable. The same also applies to the fabric used for the intimate hygiene wipes and the moistened toilet paper. The range is completed by the Personal Care maxi wipes.