It's much more than your first makeup. It's deBBY. The make up of girls who understand make up.

Girls know why
Girls know why

Girls know why

DeBBY is not just colour, it is not just a trend, it is not just lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, foundation, blush... It is cutting-edge performance. It is the confidence of being able to count on it. It is young in style but expert in quality and technology. Make-up is important and today's girls know this, but above all they know what they want and how to achieve it. deBBY meets their expectations, offering a unique performance and the best solution for their needs, so that they can feel beautiful from morning to night, without even needing a touch-up.

Malvina Cova


Deborah Group

Debby, many colours, many ways of being.

Throughout all these years, fashions and trends have passed, habits have changed, but deBBY is still there, alongside the girls, as a friend that has grown with them, becoming what girls need today. That's why, today, deBBY is the voice of a generation of girls facing life's challenges, always ready to go, ironic and critical, intelligent and determined, who believe in friendship and who are not afraid to share their emotions and thoughts on social media. deBBY is always close to its consumers and to the evolution of their needs, and understands the change in girls' relationship with make-up: girls know how to use make-up, they know what products they need and how to use them, girls know why they choose deBBY.