Dermatological Experience and Scientific Innovation, committed to guaranteeing efficacy and high tolerability for the well-being of even the most sensitive skin.

Health and Beauty
Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

Since 1960, we have been committed to the well-being of the skin through scientific research in our laboratories and constant collaboration with dermatologists. We believe it is possible to combine high performance and high dermo-affinity for even the most sensitive skin. Therefore, we very carefully select ingredients according to their efficacy and skin tolerability profile, choosing pure and beneficial functional ingredients and totally eliminating ingredients that cause allergic reactions. For us, our dermocosmetics are works of art created with great dedication at every stage of their development. We have a vision of beauty that stems from being and not just from appearing, which is why in "bionikese" we speak of Bellessere: a beauty that stems from being and not just from appearing, that starts from feeling good in your own skin and is therefore authentic, timeless and ageless.

Beatrice Dovera



Our "Free From" formulation philosophy: we believe in the value of taking away to achieve more.

BioNike finds its roots in Greek etymology: Bio = life and Nike = victory meaning "Victory of Life". It therefore carries with it a very important promise, that of winning life by overcoming adversity. BioNike is the pioneering brand in Dermocosmetics for sensitive skin, the first brand to talk to dermatologists about contact allergies, especially triggered by the presence of heavy metals in formulations, and to refine a method capable of detecting even the most minute quantities of nickel. All our formulations comply with the Free From Philosophy: they are nickel tested, preservative free, fragrance free or allergen free and gluten free. Our formulation philosophy involves constant research and meticulous selection of ingredients to achieve the highest skin tolerability profile combined with the best performance profile.


BioNike Birthday Party

On May 15th BioNike celebrated its 64th birthday in a splendid venue together with the whole team. Accompanied by the enchanting melody of the harp, BioNike celebrated yet another milestone, the result of constant research and continuous innovation for the good of sensitive skin. A moment of joy shared with the entire team working on this beautiful project and an opportunity to be grateful to all those who are part of the success of the brand.