For more than one hundred years, our laboratories have been committed to researching innovative and effective formulas to maintain the skin's youth. Specific formulas for each age group, designed to keep the skin remarkably youthful and radiant.

I choose efficacy
I choose efficacy

I choose efficacy

Dehydrated skin is more vulnerable, less elastic, is more easily marked and prone to wrinkles. Dermolab offers an innovative approach to moisturising with multi-layered Hyaluronic Acids. Dermolab products have undergone rigorous efficacy and tolerability tests in order to guarantee the achievement of totally safe, visible results.

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Efficacy is a fundamental concept around which the entire Dermolab philosophy is developed.

The brand's pay-off is "I choose efficacy" because all formulations are specifically designed and developed to be highly effective on the skin. In fact, when you choose a Dermolab product, you are not just choosing a simple product but also a cosmetic laboratory that works tirelessly to develop cutting-edge formulations that are subjected to rigorous and constant efficacy and tolerability tests, to be highly effective on both women's and men's skin.


Dermolab presents Botox-Like Effect

Dermolab presents the new and exclusive line of Botox-Like Effect cosmetics: born from the tireless research of the Deborah Group laboratories, an extraordinarily innovative revolutionary anti-aging dermoaesthetic treatment capable of harmoniously combining the filler effect with the instant tightening effect. Dermolab's Botox-Like Effect line - Rich Filler Effect Cream and Filler Effect Booster Serum - has been designed to obtain immediate results by acting specifically on wrinkles, delicately smoothing facial features and reawakening the natural beauty within.

Thanks to its tightening effect, expression lines are softened and visibly attenuated, allowing all women to see themselves increasingly beautiful as they age. The latest generation formulation confirms the Botox-Like Effect treatment as the perfect ally of every beauty routine aimed at combating skin aging. The Rich Cream and the Booster Serum support a targeted action and high performance for a skincare ritual capable of offering timeless beauty.