Who we are


    Our Group, active for over 25 years, has an extraordinarily dynamic history of organic growth and constant acquisitions and has developed thanks to its ability to integrate and expand new businesses.


The Group companies (Conter, Sodalco, Icim, Deborah Group, ESI, Novamex, BrandCare, Biopoint, Brelil and Conterus) are based in Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and Russia and distribute their branded products in 40+ countries around the world through a wide network of international partnerships.
Always driven by an extraordinary passion for what we do and a deep desire for constant improvement, we are devoted to building and developing brands recognized for their excellent quality and continuous innovation.

Today Sodalis holds strong positions in its core markets and is progressively expanding globally with its portfolio of highly attractive, recognized and iconic owned brands. BioNike, n°1 dermocosmetic brand in the Italian pharmacies; Tesori d’Oriente, Vidal, Lycia, Fresh & Clean, Leocrema, Strep, Depilzero, Denim: personal care brands with leading positions in the Italian mass market channel and continuously expanding internationally. Deborah: n°1 make up brand in large-scale retailers and specialized beauty stores in Italy. ESI: one of the main realities in the Italian Nutraceuticals market. Biopoint: n°1 hair care brand in Italian perfumeries. Goovi: One of the most loved digital native brands in the Italian cosmetic and nutraceutical world. L’Arbre Vertbrand leader in the eco-friendly home care market in France. Wash&Gohair care brand with a strong positioning across east-Europe and central Asia. Vitesse, Super Pop, Cristasol, Feno de Portugal: brand with relevant market shares in the personal & home care market in the Iberian peninsula.

We work every day to offer brands capable of meeting the ever-changing needs of our consumers, uplifting their daily life and providing an added value to all the community of clients, suppliers, employees and partners.


We continuously invest to enrich our brand portfolio, to boost R&D activities on new product development and to constantly improve our operations. Our lean and flexible structure ensures that we can maximize our speed to anticipate market trends as well as to implement our strategic moves.

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We are always enthusiastic to evaluate and capture business development opportunities and we foster an entrepreneurial attitude in all our talented employees, who are empowered to enlarge their perspectives and make a real difference.

We set ambitious goals to build the future of our Group. At the same time, we work hard, every day, to do our very  best and overcome market challenges. We have a pragmatic and concrete attitude, which allows us to focus on the key factors to deliver excellent performance.

No one can succeed in the long term without providing long-lasting benefit to all the community. Strongly believing in this, we work to create value for all our consumers, clients, suppliers, employees and partners, with whom we develop a relationship based on integrity and transparency.


Our strategy has been focused on creating and developing a portfolio of owned brands, often through acquisitions of well-known historically Italian brands from foreign multinationals companies, as well as on establishing solid distribution partnerships.
In the last years, we have boosted the internationalization process of the Group, by expanding the export, acquiring new international brands and establishing our first foreign subsidiaries in France, Portugal, Spain and Russia.
We are devoted to achieve steady and sustainable development through continuous organic growth, profitable acquisitions and strategic partnerships in the Group’s core markets and in new fast-growing ones. 
Today, more than ever, we are eager to capture new opportunities to grow our business and we look at the future with a deep desire for constant improvement.