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July 2023

Sodalis Group presents Sodalis Dream

Sodalis Group presents Sodalis Dream: the first hybrid press day designed to preview the new launches of the Group's brands, offering guests an innovative and memorable experience.

In the wonderful location of Archiproducts Milano, the Creazioni di Benessere of Sodalis Group - Biopoint, BioNike, Deborah Milano, deBBY, Dermolab, Tesori d'Oriente, GOOVI, Lycia and Leocrema - met journalists, influencers and key people of the beauty, pharma and lifestyle scene, capturing their attention through a social oriented design setting.

The disruptive creative concept has generated more than 500 social re-shares starting from the morning appointments with journalists to aperitifs and DJ sets moments by catching a new digital audience.

Awareness, positioning, coolness and virality were the main ingredients of the success of the new Sodalis Group Open Day 2023.

#SodalisDream #CreazionidiBenessere