Our history

    An extraordinarily dynamic history

    The Group developed through organic growth of own brands and acquisitions of new ones, in most cases previously owned by foreign multinational companies, as well as of promising small-medium sized companies in the Personal, Beauty and Home Care.

    Who we are today is the result of the ability to effectively integrate the new businesses within the Group but most of all to substantially develop them, therefore achieving continuous growth.


Acquisition of Brelil srl


Acquisition of Conter srl


Birth of Tesori D'Oriente


Acquisition of Durban's


Acquisition of Vidal and Leocrema


Acquisition of Spic&Span


Acquisition of Denim


Enstablishment of Sodalis, holding of the whole group


Acquisition of Sodalco srl with its owned brands Vedo Chiaro, Fresh&Clean, Till Flai and with distributions agreements for SCA, Cederroth and Ansell


Acquisition of Strep (Italy and East european countries), Pilca (Germany) and Louis Marcel (UK)


Acquisition of Depilzero


Acquisition of Biopoint


Acquisition of Mantovani


Acquisition of Sofla, manufacturing company blowing bottles for the group


Acquisition of Noxzema


Acquisition of Wash&Go and of Novamex with its own brand L'Arbre Vert


Acquisition of Lycia


Acquisition of BrandCare S.A. with its brands SuperPop, Mistolin, Cristasol, Xanpa, Fascinante, Feno de Portugal.


Acquisition of Bionike


Acquisition of Vitesse